Our Entrepreneurs


Chris Tsai


Chris Tsai is a serial entrepreneur building ventures at the intersection of technology and finance.  His current venture, Resolve, is a B2B financial technology company that makes it easy for suppliers to provide payment terms to their buyers. Chris came to this venture out of Max Levchin’s studio after his previous venture, Celery, was acquired by Indiegogo. 

Chris is primarily interested in the ways in which a theologically rich and historically situated account of debt, credit, and debt forgiveness could generate fresh insights for the newfound financial practices that mark our emerging economic order.  Could new technologies be utilized to extend mercy to the indebted akin to the Biblical practice of jubilee?  And, if so, would that be desirable for our economic order?  If all goes well, Chris’s tenure within the Venture Lab will be committed to thickening his understanding of the relationship between financial instruments and emerging technologies as well as the theological underpinnings of a just and humane economic order.