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Chris Skaggs

Chris Skaggs is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Soma Games and Code-Monkeys, an application and web development company specializing in custom mobile solutions that improve the way you work, learn, and play. Founded in 1999, Soma Games and Code-Monkeys have been building solutions for leading organizations like Intel, Four Seasons, Comcast, Mashable, Fandango, and Aruba Networks, as well as nonprofit organizations, school districts, and universities. Chris is an Intel Black Belt recipient and frequent speaker at mobile and game-developer conferences, including GDC (Game Developer Conference), CGDC (Christian Game Developers Conference), Casual Connect, Serious Play, and Intel Developers Forum.

Soma Games creates artistically beautiful and technically excellent video games that embed a Christian worldview into the stories and game mechanics. To reach a mainstream audience, the games must be fun and challenging. To fulfill the mission of the company, Soma strives to present classical values and virtues in a burgeoning industry that’s largely devoid of a Christian voice. It won the license to produce games based on the popular Redwall children’s fantasy series, which comprise 22 novels. In four years, the company has released a half-dozen titles and amassed more than 1 million downloads.

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