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Chris Palmer & Kristian Pettyjohn

Chris has transitioned out of leadership at PhotoUp, but remains on the board. He is now a Senior Specialist of New Business Innovation at Steelcase.


Chris Palmer oversaw PhotoUp's growth in its early years as CEO and now serves on the Board of PhotoUp. He is a social entrepreneur with a professional background in impact-focused startups, human resource management, and international nonprofit development. Chris holds a BA from Calvin College and a specialized MBA from the Global, Social, and Sustainable Enterprise Program at Colorado State University. He is passionate about building talented teams, investing in young leaders, and creating beautiful businesses that can change the world. Along with his wife and daughter, Chris calls the beautiful city of Grand Rapids home.



Kristian Pettyjohn is the CEO and Co-Founder of PhotoUp. Starting the company in the Philippines in 2012, he loves to blend technology, teams, and social impact to build flourishing businesses. He holds a double BA in Corporate Finance and Marketing with a successful and diverse background in real estate, web development, and photography. Kristian brings a passion to build scalable business systems, develop associates into community leaders and design products to both surprise and delight customers.

From Chris Palmer & Kristian Pettyjohn and PhotoUp

2016 Business Accelerator Finale

Founded in 2012 as a photo editing company, PhotoUp has since expanded their scope to include FolioWebsites, a website platform for SMBs.

Describing themselves as 1 part service, 2 parts SaaS, PhotoUp seeks to build software solutions for small business owners along with offering photo editing, marketing and design services.

PhotoUp owns and runs an operations center in Cebu, Philippines, where it seeks to provide payroll and leadership development for young leaders, promote women in tech and leadership roles, champion higher education within the arts & sciences and improve waste management education and infrastructure.

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