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Chris Chancey & Luke Keller

Chris Chancey is a social entrepreneur and problem-solver. Chris earned his Master’s degree in Business Stewardship from Denver Theological Seminary while serving as a general manager and consultant for Chick-fil-A. The food service industry and the strong integrity of Chick-fil-A helped shaped Chris’ drive to use business as a force to make the world a better place. Chris, along with his talented wife Sarah, of Chancey Charm Weddings, have started ten businesses on their path to launching Amplio Recruiting. They have learned from each success and even more so from each failure. They have one son, Boaz, and reside in Decatur, Georgia.



Luke Keller grew up in the Atlanta area and attended Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. After school, he worked in business development for Lauren Construction, based in Texas. Luke then became the Executive Director of The Lantern Project in Clarkston training refugees in construction skills such as welding, pipe-fitting, electrical, masonry and carpentry. Over 200 men have graduated the program since inception and it has had an incredible impact on the Atlanta economy. Luke and his wife, Mallory, believe every refugee deserves an opportunity to provide for their family as well as bring tremendous value to local companies.

In 2014, founder Chris Chancey visited the city of Clarkston, Georgia to learn more about the refugee resettlement process in America. As a social entrepreneur, Chris saw an opportunity to employ these legal and diligent newcomers to the US and provide great impact for companies across Atlanta. By 2016, refugees placed by Amplio Recruiting were deeply engaged with products and services offered by Wal-Mart, Google, Tesla and dozens of other companies in Atlanta. In 2017, Amplio Recruiting launched locations in Raleigh, Austin and Dallas, believing a great opportunity exists to serve companies and resettled refugees in those locations as well.

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