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Charles Daniels


Charles Clayton Daniels, Jr. is a noted Therapist, DRK Entrepreneur, Author and instructor who has taught at Simmons College and Harvard University. After suffering from the absence of his own father, Charles took an unexpected approach to identify the barriers that prevented his own father from remaining engaged in his life. That personal journey transformed into a mission to serve fathers nationwide so they can remain positively engaged in their children lives. His faith in God has led to the creation of the first mental health clinic in the country that is geared towards addressing the emotional issues men experience at each phase of fatherhood. Charles' most recent book, Pre-Father Care: Prenatal Care for Fathers, highlights an intervention he created to support men as they transition into fatherhood. He discusses the journey of Pre-Father Care at www.fathersuplift.org/fathers/pre-father-care.

Traditionally, parental mental health services target mothers, especially during the prenatal and postpartum stages of parenthood. Yet the mental health of fathers is often overlooked, even though the birth of a child presents significant life changes for them as well. Fathers’ Uplift, the nation’s first Outpatient Mental Health Clinic for Children, Paternal Health, and Male Engagement, was established to provide fathers with the clinical mental health care to more easily adjust to the challenges, emotions and needs of becoming and being a father.

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