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Chantal Buard


Chantal Buard is the Co-Founder & CEO of Impact Atlas. Previously, Chantal was the Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer at Amplifier, a social impact agency working exclusively with visionaries and investors in social change, building and scaling mission-driven programs globally. Through her work at Amplifier, Chantal co-created two other technology platforms, one of the largest and most innovative giving circles in America called Battery Powered, and co-founded Uplift - a large scale collaborative initiative around ultra-poverty that scaled the graduation approach globally. Before Amplifier, Chantal was the Founder & CEO of a digital agency. Originally from Paris, France, Chantal has been living in San Francisco for more than 20 years.

Impact Atlas is changing the way social programs are managed and financed around the world. Through Impact Atlas’ innovative technology platform, NGOs, foundations, and governments have an opportunity to see and adapt in real-time the programs they fund, learn best practices for collaboration, and improve relationships and outcomes for their participants, ultimately creating lasting change at scale.

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