Our Entrepreneurs

Brazen Animation

Bryan Engram & Ryan Iltis

Bryan Engram leads vision, creative, and overall studio direction for Brazen Animation. Before co-founding Brazen, Bryan began his 16-year career at Reel FX Studios in Dallas, TX, where he served as Director of Studio Animation the 500+ person company. Bryan has been a studio manager and creatively supervised the production of commercials, music videos, large-venue theme park attractions, theatrically released short films, and full length animated feature films.

Ryan Illtis heads up business development and studio operations for Brazen Animation. Before co-founding Brazen, Ryan co-founded Green Grass Studios in Dallas, TX, where he gained 15 years of commercial and animation experience. As an entrepreneur, Ryan has helped start multiple successful companies and has worked over his career to develop long-standing relationships in multiple industries.

Industry veterans came together to form Brazen Animation as an audacious gathering of artists, animators, scientists, writers, designers, producers, and marketers. In a world saturated with “throw away entertainment,” Brazen Animation has only one goal: to tell inspirational stories with meaning and purpose, utilizing cutting-edge technology and bold visuals. Brazen exists to encourage people to pursue greatness. Put simply, the team wants everyone to “Be Brazen.”

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