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Blake Smith

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Blake Smith is founder and CEO of Cladwell, the world's largest closet manager. Cladwell resides at the intersection between math and art - much like Blake - who used his background in computational mathematics as a hedge fund analyst before joining the founding team of an agency that produced movies for Walmart, P&G, and many other Fortune 500 brands. In addition to Cladwell, Blake and his wife Chandler raise and homeschool 4 kids.

Cladwell wants you to love what you wear and wear what you love. Our goal is to manage the world's closets - and by doing that help the fashion industry be more helpful to everyday people. Cladwell is powered by algorithms that help you get dressed each day, decide what to buy next, and when and how to clear out the clutter. They're partnering with some world-class retailers and are the first company to bring the closet into the shopping experience.

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