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Bethany & Matthew Williams

Bethany Haley Williams is the Founder and Executive Director of Exile International. With a PhD in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s in Clinical Social Work, she is a leader in the specialized field of war-affected child rehabilitation with organizations such as the United Nations. She sits on the advisory council of the Global Trauma Recovery Institute. Having 20 years of experience working with emotionally wounded children around the world, her passion rises from finding beauty in brokenness. She is the author of the book The Color of Grace. Bethany and her husband, Matthew, lead the work of Exile International together. 



​Matthew Williams is the Director of Operations for Exile International. His passions for Christ, justice, and restoration led him to work at the intersection of counseling and social justice. In 2011, he completed his Master’s in Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Trauma. He has served trauma survivors in the U.S., Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Matthew has led trauma care trainings at the United Nations in Congo and for various African NGOs. He and his wife, Bethany, reside in Nashville and lead Exile together. 

Launched in response to devastating wars in Uganda and D.R. Congo — where more than 100,000 children have been abducted — Exile International has provided life-changing care to over 3,700 war-affected children. Through holistic care programs addressing the needs of the mind, body, and spirit, rescued child soldiers and orphaned children are being restored. Additionally, young survivors are being empowered to become leaders for peace through education, discipleship, and leadership development. Program graduates include university students, skilled professionals, and community leaders — some of whom are now developing care programs in their own communities. 

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