Our Entrepreneurs


Bernard Worthy & Justin Straight

Bernard Worthy, Co-Founder and CEO/CTO of LoanWell, brings proven success in management, sales, and executive talent acquisition. Bernard has a strong design and software engineering products background ranging from Fortune 100 companies like Forbes and Visa to cutting-edge organizations like Moogfest. He has designed and engineered mobile, web, and virtual reality applications for thousands of users. He has lend and been apart of multiple startups over the last six years.



Justin Straight, Co-Founder and COO of LoanWell, is concurrently the COO of Thriving Cities Group. Justin has 18 years of progressive business development, finance, and operations experience across the private and multinational sectors. Justin brings a strong management and financial background to the team, including extensive experience in micro-economic development managing and starting private sector microfinance banks in Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

LoanWell is a friends and family lending platform whose mission is to create better access to cheaper capital and wealth generation opportunities for communities all over the world. It is a platform that cultivates and increases trust within existing networks to create virtuous wealth generation cycles for communities systematically left out of financial markets. LoanWell’s borrowers have been able to access an average interest rate of 3.5%, while in 2017 a personal loan received an average APR interest rate of 11.94%. LoanWell came about because founders Bernard Worthy and Justin Straight directly struggled to access capital and had to struggle through the informal and fragmented process of accessing friends and family loans.

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