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Jonas Paul Eyewear

Ben Harrison & Laura Harrison

Ben Harrison is the Founder, CEO and Lead Designer of Jonas Paul Eyewear, a children’s eyeglasses provider named for his son, Jonas. Ben’s background is in photography and web development and design and has extensive entrepreneurial experience having co-founded four companies previously. Ben has served in numerous humanitarian projects both domestic and international and currently serves on the board of Cornerstone Trust with his wife, Laura.



Laura Harrison is the COO of Jonas Paul Eyewear, a children’s eyeglasses provider named for her son, Jonas. Before the founding of Jonas Paul Eyewear, Laura obtained a diverse set of entrepreneurial skills as the co-founder of four businesses with her husband, Ben. Laura is most thankful for having been given the opportunity to make a broad social impact through Jonas Paul Eyewear while, at the same time, making kids all over the world look incredibly dapper.

Born with a rare disorder known as Peter's Anomaly, Jonas Paul, gave the Harrisons a window into the world of blindness. Twenty-one surgeries and many prayers later, Jonas's vision was restored to a functional level. However, this blessing came with new challenges; one of them was finding glasses he could feel great in. After their search came up empty, the Harrison's launched Jonas Paul Eyewear with a mission is to help kids feel like themselves: comfortable, confident, and stylish.The company aims to give kids confidence in their eyewear, with a secondary mission of preventing childhood blindness in the developing world. With impressive growth through its e-commerce site and wholesale-retail partners like Walmart Vision, Jonas Paul Eyewear has quickly come to be a leading brand of children's eyewear and has helped 200K+ children so far with sight-saving services like eye-exams, vitamins, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene training) and antibiotics.

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