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Ashleigh Cromer


Before devoting her mission full-time to Be Strong, Ashleigh Cromer served as the Vice President of Social Responsibility at an award-winning television branding organization. There, she lead the charge in designing and activating communication that humanized social impact investments to inspire action, while tracking and delivering return for business function and impacting society. Clients included CARE International, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, The Clorox Company, MetLife Foundation, Honeywell, Denny’s, and many more. Cromer created Lifetime’s: ‘Reclaim Your Life,’ ‘Be The Change,’ and ‘Live Life Forward’ national TV series. Being a change agent and champion for children has been an active mission throughout Cromer’s life. She was adopted out of the foster system at a young age – overcoming adversity with fierce determination to utilize communication to change the world, believing there is mighty strength in turning your pain into purpose. Cromer is a music lover and if you challenge her to music trivia, she will win.

Be Strong is a national nonprofit organization focused on preventing bullying. Be Strong uses a comprehensive, student-led approach to encourage all students to reveal challenges they are facing, train and equip students to become more resilient, arm students with access to local services and organizations that can help, and unite students to change their families, schools, communities, states, and country.

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