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Andrew Shearer

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Andrew Shearer founded Farmshelf in 2015 in a San Francisco garage before transplanting the company to Brooklyn in 2016. Farmshelf was born out of a desire to grow his own food and an opportunity to drive a sizable social impact through smart indoor farming. Andrew envisioned beautiful, smart hydroponic grow systems enabling anyone to grow food, and in turn, providing affordable food, jobs, and community. Prior to Farmshelf, Andrew worked in sales and business intelligence at Twitter and Pinterest with leading retail brands. Andrew’s personal mission is to feed and love the world well through business. He pursues this mission by building products that efficiently drive value and positive impact for society, consumers, investors, employees, and the environment.

Farmshelf builds smart indoor farming appliances that enable anyone to grow food where they live, work, and eat. Farmshelf has over 150 smart farms deployed at schools, corporate cafes, restaurants, and hotels across eight markets. Farmshelf systems grow leafy greens and herbs 3x faster than traditional agriculture with 90% less water and zero pesticides.

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