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Andrew Falk


Andrew Falk is Executive Director of Constructing Our Future, a Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute, and a practicing attorney. After four years in criminal appeals and two years researching criminal justice reform for then-Governor Mike Pence, Andrew visited the Indiana Women's Prison. He soon began teaching a class there on the collateral consequences of felony convictions. Informed both by his research and the evident need for more effective reentry practices, Andrew started working with incarcerated women who proposed an innovative approach to reentry. Andrew lives with his family in Indianapolis. In his free time, he enjoys playing fantasy football.

Constructing Our Future is a unique reentry program designed by, and for, incarcerated women. The program focuses on women-centric challenges that formerly incarcerated women face upon release: finding gainful employment; securing safe, affordable housing; learning self-sufficiency; and working toward family reunification. Constructing Our Future begins working with women up to four years before they are released and continues to provide training and accountability after release. The program embraces both personal and community improvement by providing vocational training and housing solutions to participants while rehabilitating abandoned properties to increase the safety and viability of urban neighborhoods.

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