Our Entrepreneurs

Future Tide Partners

Alfa Demmellash & Alex Forrester

Future Tide Partners is an initiative currently existing within Rising Tide Capital, the nonprofit Alex and Alfa founded 14 years ago. Future Tide, as it currently exists, is both an extension of Rising Tide’s work to support low-income urban entrepreneurs and a significant extension of that work.  In Alfa’s view, Rising Tide is “a result of nearly two years of research and discussions on the impact of what the World Economic Forum calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Given the continued disruption of the labor market, the role of entrepreneurship and the impact of these trends on the economic future of the vulnerable communities and populations Rising Tide Capital serves, it has become clear it is time to map out prospective cross-sector solutions.”

Their tenure in the Venture Lab begins by synthesizing her extensive research into the future of work.  From here, the Venture Lab team will Alex and Alfa discern the shape Future Tide should take and, perhaps more importantly, their own place within this new work.