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Alexander McLean


Alexander McLean is Founder and Director of Justice Defenders. After witnessing degrading conditions during his gap year travels to East Africa, Alexander dedicated his life to the welfare of prisoners and reform of the justice system in Africa and beyond. He is passionate about justice, having trained as a barrister and sat as magistrate in the UK courts for 10 years. Alexander is a Senior TED Fellow, Ashoka Fellow and UK Young Philanthropist of the Year. He appears in Time magazine’s “30 Under 30 Changing the World” and “Powerlist,” featuring Britain's most influential people of African/African Caribbean heritage and recently hearned an honorary doctorate in law from BPP.

From Alexander McLean and Justice Defenders

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Justice Defenders is a UK-based charity and movement of defenders from all walks of life working to provide legal education, training, and practice within defenceless communities. Founded in 2007, we work across Africa where prisoners and officers train and provide legal services for themselves and others. This year, 250 of our paralegals and 50 law students will reach 100,000 people in 40 prisons. Our work helps the humans within the criminal justice system flourish. And this increased capacity promotes more equitable, just, and peaceful societies, in keeping with the UN’s 2030 SDG 16

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