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Alex Forrester

Alex Forrester is Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Future Tide Capital, a nonprofit organization that provides high-quality business education and consulting to low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs in Northern New Jersey. Alex graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 2004 with an accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology. Driven by an interest in social justice, entrepreneurship and microfinance, Alex Co-Founded Rising Tide Capital in May 2004 with his fellow Harvard classmate, Alfa Demmellash. Rising Tide Capital has since achieved national recognition for its approach to economic empowerment of low-income individuals and communities through entrepreneurship. In 2009, Rising Tide Capital was selected as a CNN Hero and recognized by President Barack Obama in a White House speech on innovative nonprofit organizations. Alex is deeply interested in the concept of “Social Return on Investment” (SROI) and in the use of strategic philanthropy and social entrepreneurship to address systemic social problems such as global poverty, ex-offender recidivism and modern-day slavery.

Rising Tide Capital is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of low-income individuals and communities through entrepreneurship. RTC works “on the education side” of micro-finance, delivering high-quality business management training and consulting customized for the educational needs of low-income, start-up entrepreneurs. RTC has received national recognition for its work and is pursuing its vision of a replicable model for high-quality entrepreneurial development services that can be locally adopted in other low-income communities and used as a catalyst for social and economic empowerment.

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