Our Entrepreneurs


Alex Aguiar & Dan Evans

Alex Aguiar is the Co-Founder and CEO of RecoverX. Alex has over four years in the physical therapy industry, was the Assistant Director of Sports Medicine at UC Davis, and three-time captain of the Division 1 Men’s Soccer at UC Davis. He received his undergraduate degree in Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior with a double minor in Psychology and Technology Management. After graduation, Alex played one of year of professional soccer and also graduated from the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy.



Dan Evans is the Co-Founder and CTO of RecoverX. Dan has a background in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering from Calvin College, as well as a Biomedical Engineering Master’s degree from Duke University. He is a former collegiate soccer player and has over five years of experience working in the medical device industry and has worked at top companies like Stryker and Intuitive Surgical.

RecoverX is transforming the way people recover from injuries. The company’s first product, Element, is the world’s first smartphone-controlled cold and heat therapy device for athletic and medical recovery. Element optimizes recovery by regulating the precise temperature and time for both cold (50-60°F) and heat (104-113°F) therapies. It operates on a rechargeable battery, allowing users the ability to recover anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the device tracks user data, such as frequency of use and therapy selection, desired by physical therapists and athletic trainers, to improve client injury evaluations and rehabilitation strategies.

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