Our Entrepreneurs


Ai Ching Goh & Andrea Zaggia

Ching is the Co-Founder of Piktochart, an online infographic-creation tool helping non-designers create visuals for marketing materials, reports and presentations. Prior to starting Piktochart, Ching held the position of associate media manager with Proctor & Gamble and has a background in experimental psychology from the University of Bristol in the UK. Ching is a wife, an avid fan of crowdsourcing, and speaks four languages.



Andrea is the technical Co-founder of Piktochart. He is from Italy and is a self taught Ruby on Rails programmer, with an initial background in PHP. Andrea has AWS stack and MySQL skills and devotes time to learning about new infrastructural and best case practices in terms of for product scaling. He also manages a team of ten developers and plays drums.

Piktochart is a web application that helps people craft visual stories without any experience in design. With over 3 million sign ups, the tool combines the art (design) of infographic together with science (data or content). Various formats are available on the freemium tool, i.e. presentation, banner, report and infographics. The team of 40 is mostly based in Penang, Malaysia with a semi-remote arrangement.

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