Our Entrepreneurs

100 Fold Studio

John Hudson

100 Fold Studio provides a professional platform for young architects to develop a biblical philosophy of architecture that is counter-cultural to the secular design industry.




Jason Law

1MISSION is a community development organization that gives people in poverty the opportunity to earn a home by serving their community.



Advocates for Community Transformation

Reid Porter

ACT is a new model of ministry that uses the justice system to empower inner city residents to fight crime on their street, while sharing with them the hope of the gospel.



Africa Renewal University

Jeff Atherstone

Africa Renewal University's purpose is to develop Christian leaders in East Africa who take on a transformational mindset for the betterment of society.



African Prisons Project

Alexander McLean

African Prisons Project uses legal education and training to create a generation of changemakers from within prisons working to secure justice and compassion for the marginalized in Kenya and Uganda.



A House on Beekman

Sara Frazier Miller

A House on Beekman is building a seamless series of programs from birth to career to empower the next generation of the South Bronx to reach their full potential.



Akilah Institute for Women

Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes

The Akilah Institute for Women is the only women's college in Rwanda and Burundi, offering accredited programs in Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality Management.



Akola Project

Brittany Underwood

Akola Project is a global fashion brand that is fully made by and fully benefits marginalized women.




Jesse Sullivan

Alter is a social venture working to scale the entrepreneurial champions of the world's least developed countries by connecting them with Silicon Valley resources to grow and create jobs.



AND Campaign

Justin Giboney & Michael Wear

AND Campaign equips people to be active Christian witnesses in the public square and helps to unite the church through training, coalition building, and advocacy.



Anseye Pou Ayiti

Nedgine Paul Deroly

​Anseye Pou Ayiti works with Haitian communities to create a network of civic leaders and build an equitable education system based on shared history, values, and vision.



Aruna Project

Ryan & April Berg

Aruna is an Athleisure lifestyle brand bringing lifelong freedom to the sexually enslaved. We create functional luxury products that keep our customers active, confident and involved in the freedom story of Aruna Artisans.




David Eaton & Jeremiah Callihan

Axis recruits communities to save the next generation by proclaiming Jesus, awakening students, and resourcing parents.



The Birthday Party Project

Paige Chenault

The Birthday Party Project hosts monthly birthday parties at homeless and transitional living facilities with the goal of making children feel celebrated and valued.



Care for AIDS

Justin Miller

CARE for AIDS works to mobilize the church in caring for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya.




Vince Burens

CCO works to see college students transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, in partnership with the local church, reaching the world for the glory of God.



Change Agent Network

Eric Wowoh

Change Agent Network connects under-resourced African communities with Global Partners to launch local sustainable schools to break the cycle of poverty.



Chosen & Dearly Loved

Mike Gallagher

Chosen & Dearly Loved accelerates the movement of orphaned children into permanent families. Their global initiative, 1MILLIONHOME, is equipping their sector to maximize kids getting home and minimize the time to do it.



CityLink Center

Johnmark Oudersluys

CityLink Center simplifies the path for individuals seeking to break generational poverty through co-locating and integrating social services while fueling those services with volunteer support.



Constructing Our Future

Andrew Falk

Constructing Our Future provides incarcerated women with life skills, construction and remodeling abilities, practical experience, and the opportunity to restore and acquire, through sweat equity, homes of their own.



Create Common Good

Tara Russell

Create Common Good provides food service job-training programs to help people with barriers to employment achieve self-sufficiency by marrying their talents to the needs of the community.




Juan Pena & Jason Janz

CrossPurpose is a career and community development program that abolishes relational, economic and spiritual poverty in a neighborhood context.




Ayaka & Allen Lu

EPAMade runs businesses that are committed to creating jobs for those in drug & alcohol recovery programs and anti-recidivism programs.



Every Monday Matters

Matthew Emerzian

Every Monday Matters makes it simple for employees, companies, students, schools, individuals, and communities to harness the power of understanding how much they matter to create extraordinary impact.



Exile International

Bethany Haley Williams & Matthew Williams

Exile International provides holistic care programs addressing the needs of the mind, body, and spirit, through which rescued child soldiers and orphaned children are being restored.



Fathers' Uplift

Charles Daniels

Fathers’ Uplift offers programs and therapeutic interventions to support fathers in overcoming barriers so they can be positively and sustainably engaged in their children’s lives.



Forgotten Voices

Ryan Keith & Remmy Hamapande

Forgotten Voices is innovating orphan care through the local church by catalyzing a sustainable, community based response to the orphan crisis.



Gifted Education Foundation

Anthony Flynn

Gifted specializes in helping to close the employment gap for companies needing to hire a difficult to staff middle-skilled labor force.



Healing Hands of Joy

Allison Shigo

Healing Hands of Joy is an obstetric fistula prevention and patient rehabilitation program serving women in Ethiopia through access to maternal health resources and community educational services.




Jeremiah & Niki Parks

Heartwork impacts the way students see socio-economic challenges, and how they study, serve, and spend their resources, both now and into their futures.




Andy Agaba

Hiinga is a Christian impact investing organization with a mission to fund, train and mentor African entrepreneurs to transform their communities.




Matt Pritchard

HomeStart is a not-for-profit organization that prevents and ends homelessness by finding homes for people on the street and in shelters and by preventing evictions and homelessness for households in poverty.




David Araya & Angela Hurtado

HoPe is a movement to transform Hispanic youth to defy the odds, unleash the power of education, accomplish their dreams and lend a helping hand for the generations to come.



Impact Foundation

Jeff Johns & Aimee Minnich

Impact Foundation provides a streamlined way to use charitable capital to fund transformational businesses, make loans to charity, and grow the amount people have to give away.



Liberty in North Korea

Hannah Song & Justin Wheeler

Liberty in North Korea is a global movement of people who believe in and work alongside the North Korean people to achieve their liberty.



Life Remodeled

Chris Lambert

Life Remodeled exists to remodel lives one neighborhood at a time by using holistic strategies to create dramatic and sustainable impact within urban communities.




Kevin McCollum

Lightbearers is creating a sustainable model aimed at providing renewable funding for Christian missions.



Magic City Woodworks

Lawrence Sheffield

Magic City Woodworks exists to help young men bridge the intimidating gap between idleness and meaningful employment.



Many Hopes

Thomas Keown & Anthony Mulongo

Many Hopes rescues children from poverty and abuse and raises them with an imagination for justice and the tools to act on it.



Meals With A Mission

Scott Tanksley

Meals With A Mission is leading a national giving conversation to involve more people in and drive more dollars to community causes.



New Story

Brett Hagler

New Story exists to build safe homes and transform slums into thriving communities.



Nomi Network

Diana Mao & Alissa Williams

Nomi Network provides economic opportunities to survivors and women at risk of human trafficking by equipping them with the necessary leadership, entrepreneurship, and production skills to become financially independent.



Old Skool Cafe

Teresa Goines

Old Skool cafe is a youth-run supper club, providing hope, economic opportunities, and training to youth coming out of jail, foster care, and situations of abuse and neglect.



One World Health

Matt Alexander & Michael O'Neal

OneWorld Health is working to change the culture of healthcare in the developing world by having patients take ownership in their health through a fee-for-service model.



Open Door Legal

Adrian Tirtanadi

Open Door Legal is the country's first universal access center for legal aid, ensuring everyone can enforce his or her rights under law, regardless of issue or income.



Oxford Teachers Academy

Mallory Dwinal

Oxford Teachers Academy is a new kind of high school that has developed a teacher training pipeline to end teacher shortages and transform the high school experience.



Paradigm Shift

Jedd & Janelle Schroy

Paradigm Shift ignites the church to transform Africa’s entrepreneurial poor.



The Path Project

Jim & Melinda Hollandsworth

The Path Project is a community development organization that seeks to break the cycle of suburban poverty in low-income mobile home parks that are home to mostly Mexican immigrant families.



Peloton U

Hudson Baird & Sarah Saxton-Frump

PelotonU’s mission is to provide working adults with an individualized pathway and the ongoing support to earn their degree.



Rare Genomics

Jimmy Lin & Scott Taing

Rare Genomics helps families source, design and fund personalized research projects for diseases not otherwise studied helping rare disease patients find hope for a cure.




Jimmy Lee

Restore finds women who have been sex trafficked and provides counseling, housing, and jobs.



Rising Tide Capital

Alex Forrester

Rising Tide Capital is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of low-income individuals and communities through entrepreneurship.



Save the Storks

Joe Baker

Save the Storks equips pregnancy centers to more effectively connect with abortion-vulnerable mothers in their community.



Saving Innocence

Kim Biddle

Saving Innocence rescues and restores child victims of sex trafficking in the U.S. through strategic community partnerships with local law enforcement, social service providers, and schools, while mobilizing communities to prevent abuse and increase neighborhood safety.



Seed Effect

Drew Mosier

Seed Effect works to plant the seeds that overcome poverty by providing access to economic empowerment, education, and spiritual discipleship.



Service Never Sleeps

Whitney Parnell

The vision of Service Never Sleeps is a world where equal rights, justice and opportunity are available to everyone. Its mission is to empower individuals and communities to catalyze social justice through service and Allyship.



Sinapis Group

Courtney Rountree Mills

Sinapis seeks to support entrepreneurs with innovative, scalable business ideas by providing the business training and financing to help them succeed and exposing them to Christ-centered business principles to help them develop the spiritual strength to triumph over ethical challenges.



Starfish Project

Jenny McGee

Starfish Project is a social enterprise that cares for women and girls escaping human trafficking and exploitation.




Greg Khalil & Todd Deatherage

Telos forms communities of peacemakers to heal intractable conflict.



The Expectations Project

Nicole Baker Fulgham

The Expectations Project mobilizes faith communities across America to demand excellent public schools for all of God’s children by educating, coaching, and developing a long-term change agenda.



The Supply

Eddo Kim

The Supply partners with low-cost private secondary schools in urban slums to collaboratively integrate a service learning curriculum.



These Numbers Have Faces

Justin Zoradi

These Numbers Have Faces invests in Africa's brightest students to lead and empower their countries through education, leadership, entrepreneurship, and women's empowerment.



Thriving Cities Group

Josh Yates & Justin Straight

Thriving Cities Group is a not-for-profit civic ventures firm that leverages community-centered data, technology, and strategic advising to rebuild the civic infrastructure of 21st century cities.



Trash Mountain Project

Brett Durbin & Timm Collins

Trash Mountain Project works in five countries and partners with local churches, individuals, and organizations to bring sustainable change to communities that surround or depend on a landfill to live.



Treetops Collective

Dana Doll & Tarah Carnahan

Treetops Collective exists to accelerate the process of belonging for resettled refugee women and teen girls in their new communities.




Zane Wilemon & Jeremiah Kuria

Ubuntu is a social business that creates jobs and infrastructure for communities in Kenya.




Kelly Lyndgaard

Unshattered is a nonprofit social enterprise providing pathways toward sustained sobriety and economic independence by employing women winning their fight against addiction to handcraft gorgeous bags out of repurposed materials.



Venture Expeditions

Ryan Skoog & Aaron Smith

Venture Expeditions creates adventure-driven campaigns for people to benefit the world and search their souls.



WAVE Academies

Noella Moshi & Misan Rewane

WAVE Academies tackles unemployment in West Africa by training youth and connecting them to entry-level jobs, where they can earn while they learn.




Dustin McBride

Zambikes provides unique transportation solutions in Africa.