Business Accelerator



A mentorship-driven program, the Praxis Business Accelerator equips top ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. We accept just 12 startups, with up to two leaders per organization. 

We believe that Christian entrepreneurs who are spiritually serious, culturally astute, and in community have a unique ability to build a better society and demonstrate the beauty and goodness of the gospel across all of life. Christian founders typically have a hunch that they are called to a more comprehensively faithful approach to their work of venture and impact creation. However, the aims and practices of such an approach are unclear and seem more like fleeting feelings or reactions than a determined pursuit of a narrow way. The Praxis community seeks to help entrepreneurs operate more fully through a redemptive lens, all while being serious about the growth of their venture.

The program is built upon a deep examination of redemptive strategy (the venture’s expression and impact in the world); redemptive operations (its functions, processes, culture, and partnerships); and redemptive leadership (the founders’ character, motives, imagination, and practices).


Scale Fellowship

As a part of the Business Accelerator, we invite a small number of founders who are leading organizations at scale ($10M+ in annual revenue) to go through the program as Scale Fellows, in order to gain an understanding of redemptive entrepreneurship through the lens of their growing venture. With an emphasis on implementing at scale, Fellows will learn from the Praxis team and mentors (many of whom are experienced entrepreneurs that have taken their own ventures to scale) on how to build and lead a redemptive venture into the next phase of its lifecycle.


During and beyond their participation in our programs, Praxis supports the growth, health, and impact of new ventures by equipping entrepreneurs in five critical areas:

  • Funder Network: Enabled by program mentoring, Showcase events, the Redemptive Imagination Summit, informal gatherings, and other introductions, $55M in investment and philanthropic capital has been placed within our community
  • Mentor Network: We surround entrepreneurs in all our programs with seasoned mentors; these encounters often blossom into long-term, mutually valuable relationships
  • Story Support: Our team works with Fellows, Venture Lab Entrepreneurs-In-Residence, and others in our community to create pitches, write essays, and capture conversations about redemptive work
  • Talent Network: Academy graduates, Praxis Course participants, Rule of Life affirmers, and others can create profiles that put them on the radar of portfolio ventures looking to hire great people with aligned values
  • Spiritual Formation: We connect our community to providers of trusted resources (for marriage health, counseling, Rule of Life, etc.), spiritual direction, retreats, and more


"As an Entrepreneur, so often I am focused on the immediate next thing. Praxis points me to think foundationally about the heart and soul of our company.”
Taylor Bruce, Founder, Wildsam

The type of community that surrounds founders and ventures is the primary factor in shaping their health, vision, impact, culture, and success. 


Anchored by four gatherings over twelve months, during the program, Fellows personally interact with 35+ mentors through round table discussions and 15+ one-on-one dialogues. Mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs and executives in various fields. Fellows benefit from the experiences of their peers. They encourage and challenge one another, engage in problem-solving sessions on key issues, and introduce one another to their own networks.

Throughout the program and beyond, our extended team serves the Fellows and growing Alumni community in a range of ways, including counsel on organizational development, introductions to potential board members, financial partners, and key hires, and prayer during difficult decisions.



Program Topics

Each Accelerator program is customized to the needs of the Fellows and the areas of expertise of the mentors. We leverage over 150 topics to create talks, workshops, and breakouts during our retreats. Every component of the program — whether it’s about leadership, strategy, or execution — is designed to explore the redemptive edge of the topic. Sample topics include:

The Sabbath Leader

Patterns of restoration and liberation

Innovation, Imagination, & Tradition

Leaning on the past to create the future

Building Your Team

Lessons in hiring and firing

Trends in Investing

How the sector is thinking and changing

Difficult Conversations

Building a culture of feedback and decision-making

Beginning with the End in Mind

Exits, ownership, and time horizons

Replication and Transfer

Repeating your model in new environments

Economic Shalom

How business connects to flourishing

Founders & Board Chairs

A relationship that builds or breaks the organization

Generosity from the Start

Creating and sharing value



  • Personal access to our Praxis Mentors, successful entrepreneurs and investors who specialize in a winsome integration of their faith and work
  • Advanced level mentoring on the most critical organizational development topics (including but not limited to board development, program impact, fundraising plans/approaches, staffing, organizational pitches/storytelling, marketing, and personal/spiritual sustainability)
  • A lifetime network of incredible peers
  • Our Business core team to help with a strategic funding model, venture storytelling, and venture capital readiness
  • An opportunity to meet and present in front of 100+ Praxis friends and investors in the San Francisco area for our Redemptive Investing Gathering (not all of our Fellows raise capital during the program)
  • An opportunity to interact with 200+ values-aligned investors at the Summit and the wider community of practice
  • The Praxis team: an ongoing group of advocates and connectors ready to help you thrive beyond the program



  • Led by serious Christians aiming to embody the gospel through a redemptive venture
  • Innovating their industry
  • General product/service definition/in-market with up to several million in revenue
  • Aiming at a scalable vision and model
  • Guided by humble and teachable leadership with a passion for excellence


As we seek to build a diverse & inclusive community of entrepreneurs, we encourage applications from

  • Women
  • Racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S., including Black, Latino, and Native/Indigenous people
  • Currently underrepresented regions globally, including sub-Saharan Africa, Latin & Central America and east Asia



The Fellow experience is designed toward venture and founder-specific needs and opportunities, while also providing as many meaningful interactions with peers, mentors, and core team members within our limited time together. The in-person core Accelerator gatherings in New York and San Francisco are fast-paced and fully-scheduled. Fellows leave the in-person gatherings with fresh ideas, practical templates & tools, new relationships, and actionable feedback.



Praxis Redemptive Imagination Summit

Tarrytown, NY

The Praxis Redemptive Imagination Summit brings together founders, mentors, philanthropists, and investors for vibrant conversation at the intersection of theology, culture, and entrepreneurship. At this first Summit, Business Fellows will engage with the framework and content of redemptive entrepreneurship, meet their cohort, and interact with the wider Praxis accelerator alumni community.


Gathering One

Hudson Valley, NY

Just north of Manhattan during the beautiful Hudson Valley’s peak foliage season, this event gathers fellows, mentors, and Praxis core team together at a private lodge to examine organizational growth and personal leadership & sustainability. Fellows will share with and get to know their class and core team members, present their venture, and participate in informal meals, hikes, and shared spiritual practices together.



Gathering Two & Redemptive Investing Gathering

San Francisco, CA

Held at a private venue in the Presidio National Park in San Francisco, Fellows and a new group of mentors will again convene to share progress and gain insights into the process of building high-impact organizations. Fellows reconvene to build on key learnings from the field and take the conversation to the next level of depth, alongside participating in informal meals, hikes, and shared spiritual practices together. This event concludes with an opportunity to present at the Redemptive Investing Gathering in front of 100+ investors in our community.



Praxis Redemptive Imagination Summit

Napa, CA

Fellows will participate in the annual Summit as a part of the wider community of practice and in welcoming the incoming cohort of Business Fellows. Following this event, we encourage fellows to consider the Summit as the annual gathering place for practitioners of redemptive entrepreneurship that they return to year over year.