Venture Lab





The Entrepreneur-in-Residence program runs each September to May. During this timeline, the Venture Lab team comes alongside each EIR, developing a cultural thesis through an Oxford-style learning approach and designing the venture model through redemptive design- thinking.

We work together to frame and identify clear pathways to a new endeavor. Throughout the process, Praxis help EIRs develop a topical and technical advisory team to support them in their launch, encouraging the participation of experts, scholars, and funders interested in the same issue. As needed we can also work with our partners to create the initial assets for the venture, from brand and vision deck development to get to launch.



The EIR program is designed for flexibility. We think creative deadlines are helpful for progress, but too much structure doesn’t support the variability of the process and pace of new venture formation. As such, we’ve designed a few key touchpoints for the program, as well as outlined some common models for our collaborative work. They fall into four buckets: main events, design sprints, virtual working sessions, and a custom-designed small gathering around your topic of focus.



"The experience of being an EIR of the Venture Lab was unlike any other startup formation process I’ve been through before. This is my third venture from scratch. Even though I always tried to focus first on people and the end consumers, I never had the opportunity to fully apply a comprehensive redemptive venture framework. The Venture Lab not only greatly shaped this movement we’re igniting to redeem how our culture embraces caregiving, but it also played a significant role in my healing and intent as a founder."
Jessica Kim, Founder, IANACare

These three events have been designed for all current EIRs to be together, framing the program while affording the encouragement of community, spiritual renewal, and redemptive imagination. We find that a diverse fellowship and community during major times of transition can be a gift to senior leaders. The final event—our Summit—is a unique opportunity to share what you’ve been working on with our larger community of investors, philanthropists, and entrepreneurial leaders.



Program Kickoff

September 9-11, 2019 | Praxis HQ, New York City

Mid-Program Gathering

December 11-13, 2019 | Praxis HQ, New York City

Program Conclusion

May 2020 | Praxis Redemptive Imagination Summit


Creative Response Forum

As desired by the EIR, the Praxis team will co-host a ‘Creative Response Forum’ during the program cycle. Here, we’ll work together to gather a group of 10-15 top leaders at our NY Headquarters to talk about the major challenges and opportunities within the EIRs topic of focus. This 24-hr gathering helps formalize thinking and approach, while creating key relationships for funding, advisory support, scholarship, and even founding team talent.


Virtual Working Sessions

We typically find ourselves doing a check in with each EIR every two weeks, as helpful. These 30 to 60 minute video calls help us keep pace with each other and provide accountability and encouragement on regular process. Some calls are focused on learning, some on building, and some on advice and discernment.


In Person Design Sprints

For most EIRs, there will be times where we’ll want to connect in person to ‘build in real-time’, working through a key venture asset to advance the work. We provide lodging at our HQ for overnights in NYC if needed, and often do half-day or full-day sprints with key members of the Praxis team as well as our partners who often work in the code, deck, and the pixels so we leave with real progress. Example sprints include:

  • Redemptive Mission & Vision
  • Business Model Design
  • Product/Service Conceptualization
  • Redemptive Design Principles

Throughout all of this work, we focus on building a vision deck as the central asset, not because EIR's need basic help with a pitch deck but because it acts as a carrier of all the critical components we’ll need to build together: mission/vision, core cultural and market insights, key language, product/service concepts, founding team, advisory board, and capital needs.



Through our generous donors, we are able to offer an excellent yet low-cost program. Program fees are $12,000 total.

These fees include all food and accommodations during events - other transportation expenses are funded by the EIR. Due to program size and admission process, if for any reason an EIR cannot participate in an event, refunds cannot be given for program fees (even in extenuating circumstances).