Armed with big ideas and filled with the hopes of making a considerable impact through businesses and nonprofits alike, each year millions of people step out into the great unknown of entrepreneurship. This self-starter spirit runs deep in our culture and the effort often leads to rewarding results. However, great ideas and hard work don’t always equal success, and the strains of entrepreneurship can take a heavy toll on our lives. From Concept to Scale tackles the inevitable challenges every entrepreneur faces when bringing something new into the world.

Starting with a Gospel-minded approach to organizational development, the authors examine the opportunities and common pitfalls leaders encounter in the areas of product development, financing, organizational culture, board development, partnerships, time management, and more. Designed around three frameworks for understanding the life cycle, underlying elements, and essential mindsets for building an organization, this book serves as a field guide for anyone wanting to grow an organization. It includes:

  • 15 Q/A’s with leading practitioners
  • 3 in-depth case studies on Gospel-minded entrepreneurs
  • 18 practical exercises for accelerating your venture


Whether you are just getting started with an idea or trying to prove your venture can last, From Concept to Scale will quickly become a key resource in your path to creating a thriving organization.

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Release date: April 1, 2013 via Praxis Media.
246 pages, color.