Nonprofit Accelerator


A mentorship-driven program, the Praxis Nonprofit Accelerator equips top ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. We accept just 12 startups, with up to two leaders per organization. 

We believe that Christian entrepreneurs who are spiritually serious, culturally astute, and in community have a unique ability to build a better society and demonstrate the beauty and goodness of the gospel across all of life. Christian founders and philanthropists typically have a hunch that they are called to a more comprehensively faithful approach to their work of venture and impact creation. However, the aims and practices of such an approach are unclear and seem more like fleeting feelings or reactions than a determined pursuit of a narrow way. The Praxis community seeks to help entrepreneurs operate more fully through a redemptive lens.

The underlying principles of the program are built upon examination and acceleration of: the founder’s script (redemptive leadership), strategic intent (redemptive impact), and operating system (redemptive execution). No truly redemptive venture can ignore any of these, as they all work together for redemptive purposes.


Our fellows experience

  • Expert mentorship in strategy and operations
  • Discipleship and spiritual formation
  • Clarity of mission and message
  • Access to values-aligned capital sources


The type of community that surrounds founders and ventures is the primary factor in shaping their health, vision, impact, culture, and success.


Anchored by three gatherings over six months, during the program, Fellows personally interact with 25+ mentors through round table discussions and 15+ one-on-one dialogues. Mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs and executives in various fields. Fellows benefit enormously from the experiences of their peers. They encourage and challenge one another, engage in problem-solving sessions on key issues, and introduce one another to their own networks.

Throughout the program and beyond, our extended team serves the Fellows and growing community in a range of ways, including counsel on organizational development, introductions to potential board members, financial partners, and key hires, and prayer during difficult decisions.


Program Topics

Each Accelerator program is customized to the needs of the Fellows and the areas of expertise of the mentors. We leverage over 150 topics to create talks, workshops, and breakouts during our retreats. Every component of the program — whether it’s about leadership, strategy, or execution — is designed to explore the redemptive edge of the topic.




The Fellow experience is designed toward venture and founder-specific needs and opportunities, while also providing as many meaningful interactions with peers, mentors, and core team members within our limited time together. The in-person gatherings in New York and Los Angeles are fast-paced and fully-scheduled. Fellows leave the in-person gatherings with fresh ideas, practical templates and tools, new relationships, and actionable feedback.


Refining the Fundamentals

Just north of Manhattan during the spring of the beautiful Hudson Valley, our kickoff event gathers fellows, mentors, and Praxis core team together at a private lodge to examine organizational growth and personal leadership and sustainability. Fellows will share with and get to know their class and core team members, present their venture, and participate in informal meals, hikes, and shared spiritual practices together.


Building the Organization

Held at a private venue near the beaches of Los Angeles, Fellows and a new group of mentors will again convene to share progress and gain insights into the process of building high-impact organizations. Fellows reconvene to build on key learnings from the field and take the conversation to the next level of depth, alongside participating in informal meals, beach fun, and shared spiritual practices together.


Program Finale

The program culminates with an event held within The Gathering's annual conference for active Christian philanthropists. Fellows will share their vision for shaping culture through their venture with over 150 donors, fostering new relationships that oftentimes bear fruit in the months and years that follow. They will spend the final day reflecting and closing the program with their class and core team, and transition into the larger Praxis community of practice.