Our Mentors

Jeremy Utley

Jeremy currently leads the d.school’s work with organizations, managing and directing the executive education program. In this capacity, he serves in an advisory role to help organizations—from Fortune 500 companies to cutting-edge startups—implement design thinking. Jeremy also runs the d.school's start-up accelerator program, LaunchPad, which launches 12-15 new student-founded ventures each year. Prior to joining the d.school faculty, Jeremy attended Stanford's Graduate School of Business. He has seen first hand the cascading impact of the d.school in the world, while working in India for D.light Design, a venture-backed startup founded at the d.school. Jeremy was using the principles of design thinking long before he encountered the d.school. From starting a small-venture incubator in Bolivia to hanging out in biker bars to conduct market analysis for the Boston Consulting Group, he has sought to meld his analytical nature with his passion for human-centered innovation.