Our Mentors

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is a purpose-­driven marketer with over 18 years of experience dedicated to advising individuals and brands on maximizing their social impact. As founding President of National Christian Foundation, New York, Jeff is expanding NCF’s 30 year footprint by serving generous families in the Northeast and empowering philanthropists to generate real-­time social change against the world’s toughest challenges through tax leveraged giving options and by activating a community of thoughtful charitable donors. Prior to launching NCF/NYC, Jeff orchestrated results driven movements at the nexus of non-­profits, celebrities, brands and technology. He is credited with building innovative marketing strategies and campaigns for top brands (Chevy, Wrangler, AT&T, Red Bull & more), leading non-­profits (Malaria No More, Water for People, Action Against Hunger, Exhibit Darfur), and notable philanthropists and their foundations (Gates, Case, Rockefeller and more). Jeff has spent the last 8 years directing business into the pro-­social space, merging profit, purpose and pop-­culture. His work is highlighted in several award-­winning campaigns -­ Ashton Kutcher/Twitter nets race, American Idol Gives Back and Comedy Fights Malaria. Jeff works in Manhattan and resides in Northern New Jersey with his wife Bonnie, and 3 boys.