Our Mentors

Derwin Sisnett

Derwin Sisnett is the managing partner of Rethink Community, a social impact investment fund that provides capital for real estate assets collectively centered on education, housing, healthcare, and the workforce. Derwin is also the founder of Maslow Development Inc. (Maslow), a real estate development company that co-designs and develops community ecosystems anchored by high performing schools. Prior to Rethink Community and Maslow, Derwin co-founded and served as the CEO of Gestalt Community Schools (GCS), a charter management organization that develops high-performing, community-based charter schools in Memphis, Tennessee. Under his leadership, GCS grew into one of the highest-performing networks of schools in Tennessee. Derwin has held numerous board seats at healthcare, foundation, and education-based organizations. Derwin is also a Pahara-Aspen Fellow and a Broad Academy Fellow.