Our Mentors

Brent Burgess


Brent was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. He graduated from the University of Regina in 1989 with a B.Ed. in History, and he received an M.A. from Regent College in 1993 with a dual concentration in Church History and New Testament. He then moved to Kiev, Ukraine, where he helped start and grow the Ukrainian equivalent of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. While in Kiev, Brent met his wife, Barbie, from Raleigh, NC, who was doing the same work with Ukrainian students. Brent moved to Raleigh in 1996 and became a private equity investor. In 2003, he cofounded an investment firm, Triangle Capital, which went public in 2007. He is Chief Investment Officer and serves on the board. Brent and Barbie were cofounders of the Church of the Apostles in Raleigh. In addition, Brent is actively involved with a number of organizations that focus on the integration of leadership, business, and faith, including Regent College in Vancouver, where he is Vice-Chairman of the Board. Brent and Barbie have a 16-year-old hockey-playing son and a four-year-old daughter. Brent is an avid cyclist and loves the outdoors.