Our Mentors

Allison Long Pettine

Allison Long Pettine is the Founding Partner of Seed San Diego, the premier investor group in Southern California that provides both capital and strategic value to startups developing disruptive technologies. Allison is also President and Founder of Crescent Ridge Partners, a local seed stage venture fund. Prior to founding Crescent Ridge Partners, Allison was Vice President at Viscogliosi Brothers, a New-York based venture capital company focused on cutting-edge orthopedic medical device technologies. She was previously an early employee and Director of Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning at Paradigm Spine, a startup that developed non-fusion spinal implants to treat degenerative and deformity spinal disorders. Allison is also a mentor at Tech Stars, sits on the advisory board of UCSD’s The Basement incubator, and on the board of the San Diego Venture Group.