Emerging Founders

Tiffany Wong

Tiffany loves the artistic freedom and quirky self-expression of fashion. However, during her junior year at Pepperdine University, she began to feel constrained  by societal standards of beauty and the consequences of fashion industry's social footprint. She called up her best friend from seventh grade sewing class and they were excited they shared the same sentiments. Ever since, they have been working to tell a new story centered on the beauty and worth of every body in the fashion industry. Tiffany graduated in April 2016 and has since been building their social impact brand Velé. Tiffany and her co-founder are excited to be working with traditional artisans in Spain to create ethical leather essentials and to be partnering with the nonprofit Not For Sale to fight human trafficking. She looks forward to apprenticing with Sseko to learn more about how fashion brands can build a supply chain of empowerment.

Tiffany will be apprenticing alongside Ben & Liz Bohannon of Sseko Designs. She is a 2016 Praxis Academy alumna.

Sseko is an ethical fashion company that creates beautiful products with beautiful stories. Sseko produces and sells footwear and accessories which directly provide opportunities for female students in Uganda to generate income during their academic break and continue their education. During her nine month work period with Sseko, each Ugandan woman earns enough income to finance the first year of tuition and receives a scholarship that matches 100% of her savings.