Emerging Founders

Nathan Otey

Nate is a co-founder of Shep News. He is passionate about sharing tools and skills to help people engage polarizing issues thoughtfully and responsibly. To this end, Nate has taught critical thinking courses for high school students since 2013. Nate also conducts workshops on controversial topics in philosophy, bioethics, and current events. He studied philosophy and mathematics at Harvard (cum laude 2015) and taught AP Calculus before starting Shep with Brian Wood. He dreams of a more logical world that more fully manifests the Kingdom of God. He is excited to take steps toward this reality with Praxis.

Nate is in the Venture Track, where he will be working full-time on Shep News and be mentored by the Praxis Team.

Shep is a curated news platform that helps you process content faster, understand it better, and enjoy it more. We achieve this by framing all sides of an issue with Logic Maps. Logic Maps make it easy to process information by extracting the arguments buried in prose. This also helps you appreciate opposing views and engage with them more constructively. Co-founders Brian Wood and Nate Otey met while collaborating on a non-profit that teaches reasoning skills to high school students. Upon discovering the power of Logic Mapping, they launched Shep to share it with the world.