Emerging Founders

Nathan Otey

Nate is a co-founder of ThoughtFull. He's passionate about helping people have better discussion about controversial and divisive issues. Nate has taught critical thinking courses for high school students since 2013, and conducts workshops on controversial topics in philosophy, bioethics, and current events. He studied philosophy and math at Harvard and taught AP Calculus before starting ThoughtFull with Brian Wood. He dreams of a more logical world that more fully manifests the Kingdom of God and is grateful to Praxis for helping him craft a redemptive vision for public discourse.

Nate completed the Venture Track, and was mentored by the Praxis Team.

ThoughtFull is putting control over news and information back in your hands - so you can come to your own conclusions. Our platform gives you the power to quickly understand hot-button questions by seeing the top reasons on both sides, from sources across the political spectrum. We empower you to think for yourself by evaluating each side's claims and comparing your stance with others. Ultimately, we aspire to become a one-stop reference platform that offers multi-sided perspective on the questions you care about in politics, business, technology, culture - and beyond. Brian Wood and Nate Otey co-founded ThoughtFull after working together for 3 years to build the non-profit ThinkerAnalytix, helping high school students develop much-neglected reasoning skills. After we created a mobile game to teach logical reasoning skills through topics in the news, people kept asking us to map both sides of the most relevant cultural and political issues - and ThoughtFull was born.