Emerging Founders

Michael Mitchell

Michael is a visionary devoted to cultivating his and others’ passions by means of entrepreneurship. At Wheaton College, he is pursuing majors in Bible and Theology, Business and Economics, and Rhetorical and Cultural Communication, and is currently in his second year serving as Student Body Chaplain of Leadership Development. Throughout his time there, Michael has also mentored high school students in spiritual leadership, partnered in the development of a youth ministry, coordinated marketing efforts for a German not-for-profit working towards economic development in Rwanda, and served on student government. In 2017, he co-founded Restoration Apparel Company; a business striving to lift the lives of textile workers and restore dignity to the apparel manufacturing industry. In his spare time, Michael enjoys reading with a cup of tea, playing music, and hammocking or perambulating with friends.

Michael completed the Venture Track, where he worked full-time on Restoration Apparel Co. and was mentored by the Praxis team.

Restoration Apparel Company strives to lift the lives of workers and restore dignity to the apparel manufacturing industry through living wage job creation and its Wage Restitution Allowance give-back program. It offers factory direct access to dye sublimated, screen printed, and embroidered sportswear while providing its customers peace-of-mind regarding the production of their products.