Emerging Founders

Josiah Day

Josiah is a graduate of William & Mary, where he studied Marketing and Psychology. He is passionate about working and advocating proper care for children with special needs along with connecting veterans/servicemen and women to their surrounding communities. He directed Comedy Bootcamp, a branch of the Armed Services Arts Partnership, and led a small group through a campus fellowship. 

Forgotten Voices is innovating orphan care through the local church by catalyzing a sustainable, community based response to the orphan crisis. In southern Africa, Forgotten Voices is equipping carefully vetted local pastors in Africa to create custom plans and then makes a quiet investment into the plan, where beneficiaries only know about the local church, whenever possible. Sustainable income and tools introduced to help the church keep it going. Forgotten Voices partners with graduates of theologically sound, Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) recognized African seminaries, which are leading local churches.

Josiah will be apprentincing alongside Forgotten Voices President & CEO, Ryan Keith.