Emerging Founders

Hannah Vaccaro

Hannah Vaccaro is a Co-Founder of PeeWee Packs and a senior Entrepreneurship major at Grove City College. During her time at Grove City, she has won two business plan competitions, worked for Mylan, fundraised over $2 Million for a non-profit to drill wells in Uganda, and currently serves as her sorority's president. She currently leads as the senior head of special events for the homecoming committee, and as a veteran tour guide. An entrepreneurial fire within her, she is passionate about disrupting the new-to-parenting market, while bringing a Christ-centered influence to business. Hannah is excited to learn alongside the Praxis team and student cohort, seeking to honor Christ and grow in entrepreneurial leadership. She is a 2016 Praxis Academy alumna.                            

PeeWee Packs is a potty training tool for boys and girls, focused on encouraging toddlers to use the bathroom throughout the entirety of the potty training process. Our package of 50 playing card sized sheets which change color and expose designs upon initial contact with urine. We seek to aid the potty training process by connecting a positive incentive with the actual act of going to the bathroom. Our opportunity lies in making going to the bathroom an enjoyable experience for toddlers, in turn, causing a paradigm shift in the minds of parents as the process becomes less strenuous.