Emerging Founders

Enoma Osakue

Enoma is a Senior at The King's College studying Business Administration. Enoma is a creative and a writer who has previously studied photography, graphic design, and web design. In school, she works as a faculty assistant for management, marketing, and accounting courses. She serves as president of The Table, a supportive community for Black and Hispanic students. Enoma is passionate about helping people and organizations overcome the obstacles that separate them from their goals. 

Enoma was an apprentice alongside Teresa Goines of Old Skool Cafe. She is a 2016 Praxis Academy alumna.

Old Skool Cafe helps at-risk youth break the cycle of poverty, violence, and incarceration. Using the unique model of a youth-run supper club, they provide hope, economic opportunities, and training to youth coming out of jail, foster care, and situations of abuse and neglect. Youth create bonds at Old Skool Cafe, forming a foundation of support that helps them through the ups and downs of life long after they have left the program. Old Skool Cafe has a track record of success steering youth from merely “surviving” to living out their true destinies where they are “thriving!”