Emerging Founders

Diego De La Hoz

Diego De La Hoz is Co-Founder and CEO of Wahi rides and a recent graduate of the University of Florida, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Through his engineering career, he has been involved in many research projects, engineering organizations, and autonomous robotics projects that exposed him to multi-disciplinary interaction, leadership skills, and effective verbal and written communication skills. Diego is passionate about merging entrepreneurship and missions. In his professional life, Diego leads the college ministry at his local church with the goal of equipping young adults to be disciples that make disciples in any professional context. Through Emerging Founders, Diego is excited to be in a community of faith-motivated entrepreneurs that use enterprise as a tool to make Jesus known.

Diego was in the Venture Track, where he worked full-time on Wahi Ride and was mentored by the Praxis team.

Wahi Ride is a ridesharing app for city-to-city travel. The problem: students with cars travel with empty seats and students without cars use the bus which is expensive and time consuming. The opportunity: A mobile platform where college students can connect with each other, rideshare, and share the transportation cost. The solution: Wahi Ride. We are a social mobile app that allows students traveling the same direction to rideshare and share transportation cost; ridesharing city to city.