Emerging Founders

David Fulton

David graduated from Harvard College, where he concentrated in Social Studies and wrote a thesis about religion's place in the public square. David served on leadership at Harvard Faith and Action and with a local church. He is most interested in using the models of the corporate and startup world to advance the work of ministry. He now works as the Hiring and Network Manager at CollegeVine. 

Axis recruits communities to save the next generation by proclaiming Jesus, awakening students, and resourcing parents. Axis speaks to students and parents at schools and churches worldwide to creatively educate hearts, question assumptions, interpret media and resource communities to move from apathy to action. With dynamic live team presentations and compelling resources for students and their families, Axis is working with the church to stem the tide of apathy, distraction, and deception that is taking the next generation's minds and hearts captive.

David will be apprenticing alongside Axis' CEO & Co-Founder, David Eaton.