Our Entrepreneurs


Ted Pantone & Peter Gross

Ted Pantone is a social entrepreneur and a challenger. Ted is passionate about community, great ideas, and healthy approaches to serving the world’s poor. For the past decade, Ted worked and mostly lived in East Africa, building and launching businesses and nonprofits. Ted and his rock star wife, Brekly, live in Nairobi, Kenya with their four young children, Charlotte, Andrew, John, and Savannah. He is a business graduate of The King’s College in New York City, though his home base in the US is now in Atlanta, Georgia.



Peter Gross is an experienced social innovator in emerging markets. After seminary in the UK, Peter and his wife Jessica moved to urban Atlanta, where he launched a street ministry and began a management career in private industry. From 2010-2016, Peter and Jessica lived in Ghana and Kenya, where Peter built a market-leading business model that introduced millions of low-income consumers to their first insurance policies. Peter and Jessica have two beautiful daughters, and travel from Atlanta to work across Africa. Peter holds degrees from Oxford University, Emory University, and Davidson College.

Turaco is changing healthcare financing in the developing world. Emerging consumers cannot get the care they want and need because they lack access to affordable insurance products and financing. Turaco creates simplified insurance and credit solutions distributed through mobile technology to uniquely solve the healthcare financing needs of emerging customers.