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Aruna Project

Ryan Berg & April Berg

Ryan Berg is the CEO and Co-Founder of Aruna Project. Ryan's experience ranges from teaching young men in Juvenile Detention to serving communities in interior China to leading others in setting a World Record to speaking to thousands across the US. He is a passionate advocate of those who have been silenced through sexual exploitation. Ryan and his high school sweetheart, April, are married and live in Cincinnati, OH with their three children and pooch, Petey.



April Berg is the Co-Founder of the Aruna Project. After her collegiate athletic career came to an end, she turned her attention to running. April worked in internal medicine, followed by serving communities in China, India and Cincinnati, OH. She has a desire for justice on behalf of the enslaved and channels that desire toward freeing, empowering, and employing young women from the brothels of South Asia. April is married to Ryan and lives in Cincinnati with their three children.

After looking into the eyes of a young woman for sale in a brothel in India, Aruna Project was born with a focus on freeing, empowering, and employing her and others in similar situations. Aruna mobilizes thousands across the US to Run for Her Freedom in Aruna Runs. The funds raised are utilized, in part, in their Training Center within the heart of the brothel system to build a trusting relationship with women by providing skill & trade development and care & counseling. Once freed, Aruna offers employment to women in an environment marked by holistic care in their Freedom Business.

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