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Chosen & Dearly Loved

Mike Gallagher

Mike and his wife Mandy Gallagher have six children, three adopted (one domestically, two from Uganda) with various special needs. Together they co-founded Chosen & Dearly Loved in 2014 to help more children like those they adopted, and Mike volunteers full-time as President. Mike is the owner and Chairman of Educational Outfitters, a franchisor of school uniform retailers with 31 US locations. He’s also an investment partner in Denver-based private equity firm, Gallagher Industries. Mike serves the Leadership Council of Christian Alliance For Orphans, the International Advisory Board of University of the Nations, and was a founding Board member of Ekisa Ministries International.

Chosen & Dearly Loved was founded to give the greatest gift — loving permanent families — to the children most likely to become orphans and least likely to get adopted: those with special needs. They advance programs catalytic in producing adoptions and preventing abandonments of children with special needs. Their community-based solutions overcome barriers, isolation, and ill-equipping that threaten these kids’ lives and their families’ quality of life. Chosen & Dearly Loved partners with the best orphan care leaders and local churches to provide families facing special needs the resources, mentors and peers that help them overcome their inherent challenges and thrive.

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