Our Entrepreneurs

Sseko Designs

Liz Bohannon &  Ben Bohannon

Liz started Sseko Designs because she believes in the power of educating and empowering women across the globe. She is the creative director, brand manager, lead designer, and visionary behind Sseko. She received her Master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. Liz has been named one of the Five Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs in America by Bloomberg Businessweek, is a 2013 Cartier Women’s Initiative Award finalist and recently received the 2013 SVN Innovation Award.

Ben started his career as a process and financial Analyst, where he implemented inventory and asset tracking solutions for industrial manufacturing and consumer packaged goods companies. He has a passion for sustainable and innovative solutions to economic development. Ben leads business development, sales, distribution and financial growth strategy for Sseko. Ben received his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Spanish.

Sseko is an ethical fashion company that creates beautiful products with beautiful stories. Sseko produces and sells footwear and accessories which directly provide opportunities for female students in Uganda to generate income during their academic break and continue their education. During her nine month work period with Sseko, each Ugandan woman earns enough income to finance the first year of tuition and receives a scholarship that matches 100% of her savings.