Our Entrepreneurs


Leighton Cusack & Jason Burkholder

Leighton Cusack lives and works in Brooklyn NY. Leighton was the co-founder of Kindrid, a company dedicated to increasing generosity through technology and served as their CEO from 2011-2016. Kindrid was acquired in 2017 and continues operating today. Leighton is a Deacon at Trinity Grace Church Williamsburg and currently a part of the Praxis Venture Lab where he is exploring new economic structures. Leighton is also interested in communal living, chess, and coffee.



Jason Burkholder is the co-founder of Kindrid and Creative Director for the company. He holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from Azusa Pacific in California, where he worked with Leighton on “The Ride for Rwanda.” He has a breadth of creative experience, having worked in photography, web design, film, set design, marketing strategy, and consulting. Jason currently resides in New York City and attends Trinity Grace Church in Williamsburg.

Kindrid is now part of Ministry Brands (2017)


Kindrid unleashes generosity by building ways to facilitate and communicate giving rooted in an understanding of generosity. Kindrid's first product, Smart Giving gives churches and non-profits a simple way to receive gifts straight from smartphones. Organization's using Kindrid's services find increases in both giving engagement and total giving.