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Jonathan Robinson

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Jonathan Robinson is the Founder of FreeTextbooks in Birmingham, Alabama. A native of Tuscaloosa, he attended Samford University, graduating in 2007 with a B.S. in Biology. He is energized by connecting with new people and exploring ideas. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, and on weekends, he can be found golfing, traveling or spending time with his wife and goldendoodle.

At FreeTextbooks, we replace bookstores by merging online pricing with one-hour delivery, allowing students to run a relationally-driven startup within their social setting. And, around 25% of textbooks are totally free. Additionally, we're on a mission to own campus commerce using a one-hour delivery platform run by our rep teams. Each of these profitable ventures serves one goal: unlocking the career potential for our student reps. As students execute within our model, they refine preferences and motivations to hone their career-making decisions. As graduation approaches, students are connected with employers within our business network to find jobs they love.