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Jonathan Kumar & Jason Keil

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Jonathan Kumar is a user experience designer by trade, and has founded several app-based companies with a focus on solving social issues. Jonathan also has produced several short films. He received a BS in Informatics and Economics from the University of Michigan. Jonathan’s first company, FoodCircles, enabled anyone to directly aid an individual in need simply by dining out. Four years later, Jonathan created Samaritan, enabling Seattle city goers to invest directly and compassionately into individuals around them struggling through homelessness.



Jason Keil is an expert in payment processing and ally to small businesses nationwide through his company, Polaris Payments. Jason grew his “north-star” model at Polaris to process over $50M annually before joining Samaritan. Jason is passionate about unparalleled customer service, creating ridiculous win-wins, and blazing the fastest route to GTD. Jason has a family of five, and resides in Northeast Seattle.

Samaritan exists to reveal the stories of unsheltered people whom people pass by daily. Small bluetooth beacons are given to the homeless, and people receive a notification when passing by with the Samaritan app. The notification lets people learn about and give into the person's journey. Beacon holders can spend a person’s giving at partner merchants and nonprofits. Redemptions include warm clothing, fresh produce, a good haircut and more. Each month, beacon holders have the opportunity to have a one-on-one with a counselor to renew their beacon. The counselor helps them gauge progress, develop spending plans, and access new opportunities.

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