Our Entrepreneurs

Rare Genomics

Jimmy Lin & Scott Taing

Jimmy is the lead computational biologist for the ground-breaking cancer genome sequencing efforts from the Vogelstein Lab at Johns Hopkins. Their sequencing of the first 100+ cancer exomes in 5 different tissue types has helped lay the foundation for a revolution in cancer genomics. Jimmy is a MD/PhD student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and MAR student at Reformed Theological Seminary, writing on a “Systematic Theology of Medicine”. Prior to this, he finished a MHS in Bioinformatics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and studied molecular biology and cognitive science at Yale University.

Scott is the data curator for the modENCODE chromatin group through the Lui Lab of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard School of Public Health. His interests are developing systems and tools to scale the analysis and visualization of genomics data. He did graduate level work at Johns Hopkins and Nanjing University and holds a bachelors degree from Yale University.

Rare Genomics Institute is a non-profit that makes cutting edge research technologies and experts accessible to rare disease patients. Partnering with top medical institutions, such as Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford, RGI helps custom-design personalized research projects for diseases so rare that no organization exists to help. By providing an expert network and an online crowdfunding mechanism, RGI helps families source, design, and fund personalized research projects in diseases not otherwise studied. Ultimately, RGI aims to expand on its current genome sequencing-focused approach to enable community funding to support any type of research that leads to rare disease therapeutics.