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Africa Renewal University

Jeff Atherstone

Jeff Atherstone is the Vice Chancellor and President of Africa Renewal University in Buloba, Uganda, where he has served since 2006. Due to his leadership, ARU has grown from a start-up Bible institute to an accredited Christian university on a 23-acre campus with 7 academic programs. Before coming to Uganda, Jeff was in pastoral ministry for 7 years and helped establish the first satellite campus for Cornerstone Community Church with Francis Chan. Jeff has a B.A. in theology and an M.A. of Divinity. He lives in Uganda with his wife Christine and sons Noah and Kadin and is currently serving as a volunteer with Africa Renewal University coaching their executive team and providing training in fundraising and communication.

Africa Renewal University's purpose is to develop Christian leaders in East Africa who take on a transformational mindset for the betterment of society. ARU offers programs for equipping pastors, nonprofit leaders, and those seeking to make a Christ-centered impact in the marketplace. ARU is unique from other universities in that it seeks to break the cycle of poverty for vulnerable and at-risk youth by providing them with quality higher education while instilling a sound Christian worldview. Currently, 97% of our graduates are employed or pursuing their next degree.