Our Entrepreneurs


Jason Law

Jason is the founder and CEO of 1MISSION, a community development organization giving people in poverty the opportunity to earn a home by serving their community. Right out of college, Jason fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a professional firefighter. During this time he started one of the fastest growing commercial landscape companies in Phoenix, Arizona and also launched a real estate investment firm. In 2008 at the age of 25, Jason left his career as a firefighter and started 1MISSION. He is a sought after speaker on important subjects such as poverty alleviation, social innovation, millennials, and short-term missions. He currently serves on the board of The Global CHE Network, representing 500+ agencies in 112 countries serving the physical and spiritual needs of people, and Mission Create, a nonprofit incubator. Jason and his wife Tina live in Phoenix with their three children.

1MISSION is a community development organization that gives people in poverty the opportunity to earn a home by serving their community. In our seven years, 1MISSION has built more than 350 homes while empowering those recipients to serve over 60,000 hours throughout Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Families who receive homes earn their hours by building their neighbors' homes, tending a community garden, training in public-health education and prevention, rebuilding roads and bridges, learning job skills, earning their GED, and various other community-led projects.