Our Entrepreneurs

Liberty in North Korea

Hannah Song & Justin Wheeler

Hannah Song is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). She joined the organization in 2006 as Deputy Director and became President/CEO at the end of 2008. Along with her exceptional team, together they rescue and provide direct assistance to North Korean refugees who have escaped, raise awareness and redefine public perceptions on North Korea, and create strategies to empower the North Korean people to accelerate change inside the country. Prior to joining LiNK, Hannah worked in advertising at OgilvyOne and Mindshare focusing on digital media and emerging technologies. In 2009, she was selected to be a NetKAL fellow at the University of Southern California’s School of Social Work.



Justin Wheeler serves as Vice President and oversees all of Liberty in North Korea’s global awareness and grassroots efforts. Through innovative campaigns and programs, Liberty in North Korea is working to change the public’s perception on North Korea bringing the focus onto the North Korean people and away from the politics. Since joining the team in mid-2008,  Justin has helped to significantly grow and develop the organization, while also creating Liberty in North Korea’s national awareness tours, international chapters program and media department.

Justin brings incredible passion to the team and utilizes his experience in grassroots campaigns and student mobilization from his time working at Invisible Children, a non-profit organization that documents stories about war-affected children in east Africa.

Liberty in North Korea is a global movement of people that believe in and work alongside the North Korean people to accelerate change. Our efforts are focused in two key areas: We rescue North Korean refugees through a 3,000 mile modern day underground railroad, bringing them to safety and freedom. We also provide customized resettlement assistance, as well as empowerment programs including language, education, leadership and career development services to empower resettled North Koreans to be successful and fulfill their potential in their new lives. There is a big narrative problem on this issue because it has been defined as “crazy Kim and nukes” and that has denied the North Korean people the level of international support they deserve. We are changing the way the world sees North Korea in order to mobilize that support.