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Ellen Choi

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Ellen is the Co-Founder and CEO of CareerLark. She spent a few years at Google in Operations, including HR, finance, and business analytics, when the company grew from 3,000 to 20,000 employees. Having learned from excellent managers at Google how to create a culture of transparency and learning, Ellen is a huge advocate of continuous and real-time feedbacl. She is excited to productize her learnings and help companies transform their cultures through conversational UI and bots, one of the most exciting technology shitfs today. She graduated from Stanford University with Economics and Engineering degrees and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

From Ellen Choi and CareerLark

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CareerLark is building a chat-first talent management platform that helps companies achieve a better engaged and more productive workforce. CareerLark uses chat bot technologies to facilitate lightweight micro-feedback and team-building activities. It leans into emerging trends around the desire for continuous feedback from the rapidly growing millenial workforce and the shift to enterprise chat systems like Slack and Microsoft Teams. CareerLark has two Slack apps currently in the market: Mirco-feedback (helps employees get continuous 360 feedback) and Icebreakers (helps new employees onboard with fun questions). The company has been featured by Slack since launch and has been covered by Inc, Fast Company and VentureBeat. CareerLark is also a launch partner for Microsoft Teams.