Our Entrepreneurs

Zambikes USA

Dustin McBride

After graduating from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in International Business in 2006, Dustin co-founded Zambikes USA and its first social business project in Zambia, Zambikes. Living in Lusaka, Zambia since 2007 Dustin’s familiarity with transportation solutions in the developing world has been the backbone for Zambikes growth since its inception. Dustin provides leadership training and professional consultation to the Zambikes management team and sales and marketing teams. His discernment and strength in leadership development and business and skills training has allowed him to enhance the lives of more than 40 Zambikes team members. He is now working with a new team in Uganda to expand Zambikes international reach.

Zambikes has been offering unique transportation solutions in Africa since 2007. We began in Zambia with the primary goal of providing affordable, high quality bicycles specifically designed for African roads. As we interacted with local community leaders, medical professionals, development workers and others, we became acutely aware of the critical need for basic medical transportation solutions in rural Africa. The Zambulance was created to meet this need. The Zambulance is a locally-built ambulance trailer that can be pulled behind any bicycle or motorcycle. It has a weatherproof covering and uses strong motorcycle wheels. It’s similar to an oversized and industrialized “Bob-Trailer” that many people use to carry their children in developed countries.

Zambikes - Praxis 2013 Nonprofit Accelerator Finale from Praxis on Vimeo.